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Market intelligence and research add up to 35 years of experience.

Segmenta was one of the pioneers to develop information panels in collaboration with the retail industry in Latin America. For more than 35 years, Segmenta has analyzed information and developed insights to improve your company's strategies and find the best business opportunities.

All of the above is possible thanks to a specialized multi-disciplinary team of experts, specifically recruited to convert data into reliable information.

More precision in less time.

Our structure is leaner and flexible. Combined with the latest technology in research and machine learning, we are capable of delivering results quickly.

Absolute reliability, just as its results.

A deep understanding of the client’s business and needs create the most complete and exact results. And in this line of work, Segmenta is a true reference for the market.

Adapting to grow.

Even more important than offering a variety of services is being open to change and adapt our solutions to the needs of each client. With the proximity that Segmenta offers, we can deliver customized results.


Passion and commitment for being much more than a just a source of information for your company.

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Processes that improve constantly.

Those who choose to work with Segmenta are choosing a process with a culture of continuous improvement. We are closer, we listen to your needs and we look for solutions that maximize your results.


Step 1

Segmenta team meets with the client to listen to their concerns and needs.

Step 2

Discussion with our team of experts. An action plan is proposed, evaluating whether existing solutions meet the requirements or if a new alternative should be designed.

Step 3

Proposal presentation and feedback with the client, to adjust any details and decide which path to take. In this stage, we develop simulators and pilot projects.

Step 4

We deliver complete results and we fully commit to understand them together, as well as assessing you (the client) throughout the decision making process.

Step 5

Culture of continuous improvement. We are always improving our products beyond their own scope.


The best tools to achieve the best results.

We use state-of-the-art technology for market research, enabling us to collect a large volume of information in less time. Through machine learning, we automate the maximum of functions and processes for our team to focus solely on interpreting the most relevant data and obtaining the most relevant insights to meet your business needs.

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Multi-disciplinary team to deliver unique results.

In addition to breathing research, data and consumer information, our team of experts is multi-disciplinary. This highly diverse background, along with a collaborative work environment allows Segmenta to understand each client thoroughly and provide assertive results.

  • Mathematicians
  • Data Scientists
  • Advertisers
  • Communicologists
  • Economists
  • Engineers
  • Statisticians
  • IT professionals
  • System professionals
  • Marketing professionals
  • Actuaries
  • Business administrators

Segmenta is a company that has always learned from its customers

Message from our CEO

Segmenta is a company that has always learned from its customers, employees, the market evolution and technology. This learning process has lead us to a fast paced growth, expanding to new industries, to other countries, and integrating new methodologies that allowed us to be at the forefront in delivering business intelligence to our clients.

Miguel Enrique Argáez Valencia, CEO

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We translate maket intelligence into content for you.

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The information that you need, complete and customized.

We are a real and true source of information, complete and essential, designed to provide a better understanding of the market, identify opportunities and make the best decisions for your business.

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